When thinking about building a play structure for Calvary Kids, we faced many questions. Should we build a brand new playground? Should we rebuild a donated one? Do we build one inside or outside? How do we make sure it’s safe? Can we use timbers? How should we design it? What would it cost? All questions in our minds until we visited Alder church- another church up north with a theme very similar to the new Calvary Kids design. There, we found the perfect & most beautiful solution. However, the timing wasn’t right, yet. So we waited. Around a month after our visit to Alder, we were still asking ourselves these questions. We decided that we needed to meet with the contracted that designed this beautiful play structure & see what he could do for Calvary! He is essentially retired, but works with his daughter & has built these dreamy, creative houses for 25 years!  When we met with him, we really got creative as we created drawings & really got to know them as a father/daughter team, finding out that they do some remodeling projects but are passionate about creating playgrounds for churches. They absolutely love doing them! We were SO blessed to meet them!

We got a bid & we are happy to announce that they are going to be putting in not one but TWO play structures! Alongside the contractor, we’ve designed one for the new indoor family lounge area & one for outside of the Sumner Campus. The logs have already been ordered from Montana & we’ll be giving you a play by play as they create these off-site. 

There will be tremendous opportunities to help prepare the site in this month. If you’re interested in helping put it together from June 11th-15th, click the link below & sign up to serve!